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Sometimes you can look at a room and decide you can’t stand the sight of it anymore.  While you may feel like you should just sell the house and start over, it’ll be much easier to give your problem room a nice makeover instead.  Redecorating a room can be done using a few different principles, but the choice is up to you.  Whether you decide to decorate based on feng shui, accent colors like a red rug, or creating a focal point where all natural lines direct the eye, a quick change of how the room looks can really liven up the place.

Feng shui

An ancient Chinese practice that inexplicably became popular in the United States around fifteen years ago, feng shui is a practice of organization based on the principle of qi and keeping it in harmony.  Feng shui implements a lot of plant life and natural life within its decorating principles, but simple placement of furniture, like a bed within the view of the doorway and windows are easy ways to keep your home in line with the ancient practice.

Accent Colors

Decorating by color seems to be all the rage in furniture catalogs, and don’t those rooms just look fantastic?  Picking a color to center your decorating around could be a great way to create a wonderfully monochromatic living space.  Whether you decide to go big and bright or a little moodier, it’s important to do it right.  For instance, if you want to have the color red as your focus, pick a shade and use it in an accent wall.  Covering all the walls in a dark red will make the room feel small and cave-like, so stick to one wall and combine it with red rugs.  This style would really go well with hardwood floors and can give the room a very romantic feeling, perfect for a master bedroom.

Creating a Focal Point

In art and photography, a lot is mentioned about focal points.  It’s what the eye is naturally drawn to at first glance.  Decorating with a focal point in mind can help you draw attention that you want people to notice, like a beautiful grandfather clock or a picture frame collage on the wall.  Any natural lines that occur in your decoration should point to this centerpiece, so plan accordingly.  Remember, some things, like a large television, are naturally focal points, if you are decorating a room with an entertainment system, incorporating the television with the focal point will keep the flow of the room running smoothly.

Redecorating a room properly can be a fun process.  It gives you an opportunity to experiment with colors and styles and can make the room seem fresh.

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