Small kitchens designs, various plans to design your dream kitchen.

Small Kitchen has to be designed well since it is the important part of a house. It is a place for cooking, eating and even gathering the whole family. It’s great to have a good kitchen both in function and style. We’ll give you various plans to design your dream kitchen. With these ideas, small space will no longer matter. You can maximize the small kitchen space and also make it pleasant to be in.

Kitchen Island

small kitchen island design ideas 001 Small Kitchens Designs
One of the most favorite ways to fix your small kitchen’s functionally is adding a kitchen island. This kitchen island can work with two cooks, create required area like baking, and also free up the cluttered countertops. Moreover, it can be the place for breakfast and also gathering your family. Kitchen island design can be applied in any shape. Choose the shape that accommodates you well. Put the rack above the kitchen island. Hung your pans and pots on this rack. Also hung other items like pot holder, gloves and others. It will help you to easily take them when you need.

Appliances You Need

small kitchen appliances 002 Small Kitchens Designs

When creating your small kitchen design, you also need to list the required appliances. There are so many appliances that suitable for your small kitchen. Pick the smaller and efficient ones. For example, to choose the microwave, consider the amount of it can cook and also the needed space for it. To pick refrigerator, buy the small one to fit your design. Many appliances are especially made for small kitchen.

Space Saving

small kitchen design for space saving ideas 003 Small Kitchens Designs
There are few things to do to save the space of your small kitchen design. Extend the cabinets to the ceiling. Put the cabinets on the both side of the space of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets will give you room for a lot items without bothering other appliances’ space. Choose the cabinets that have glass cabinet doors to easily look for the items you need.

Lighting for small kitchens designs

lighting for small kitchen design 004 Small Kitchens Designs
In making small kitchen design, lighting is an important thing to think about. Light your small kitchen make it looks larger and better. Use natural light as much as possible. If you can’t get natural light, use artificial lamps. Bright kitchen will make your small kitchen look larger.
You need to design your kitchen clearly complete to achieve the exact result you want. You may apply small traditional kitchen design or the island kitchen. Choose the kitchen that fits your needs.

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